Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flotsam Ephemera Detritus 2009

"2009 Homney & Freeze Pop" 10 x10" Found Paper, Paint, Glitter, Belt Buckle, etc.

Flotsam Ephemera Detritus 2008

"2008 City Limits w. Butterfly" 14.5 x 11.5" paint, paper, found paper, glitter, pom pom, butterfly, plastic air bubble. 1998-08
 "2008 Post Mortem" 60 x 48" paint, paper, found paper, found objects, ribbon. 2000-08

Flotsam Ephemera Detritus 2007

"2007 Red" acrylic paint, found paper, plastic objects, sequins, feather. 14.5 x 11.5 "
"2007 Libsiss", acrylic paint, found paper, sequins, feather. 14.5 x 11.5 "
"2007 Golden Boy", acrylic paint, found paper, sequins, feather, etc. 14.5 x 11.5 "

Monday, February 14, 2011

1994 Transition to the Personal Narrative

"Ship's Fool" was a transitional piece, using found wood again as a sculptural element, but the figure "blooming" on the vertical injects a metaphoric relationship. Like "Vase de Terre", the figurative female reference resonates with me.
This low relief box was a way to work out the figure/structure relationship in miniature. This piece is "Intimate/Intimidate" 1994, Chiri paper, copper paint, acrylic polymer. 

"Crying Over Spilt Milk" 1994. Metal, wood, found wood, paint. This piece happened after a court order mandated that my daughter spend considerable time with her father and stepmother. It is the beginning of a chapter of a more literal personal narrative in my work.

"Embrace" 1994, Paper and paperboard.

Split Maple Sapling Sculpture, 1992

These pieces were made by splitting green lengths of maple sapling, then gradually stretching them apart to create linear structures of a variety of configurations. I was fascinated by both the cast shadows and the spaces they defined.

This is "Paradoxical Symmetry" 1992

Above: "Beckoning" 1992

Intuitive Architecture, 2010: Jumbo Grade

"Jumbo Grade" Carson City, NV, 2010

"Jumbo Grade" Carson City, NV, Installation, January 2010. The path of piece was conceived to follow the path of the trail between the mountains behind. The desert in winter is inspirational.

"Jumbo Grade", July 2010. detail.

Intuitive Architecture, 1992 "Vase de Terre"

"Vase de Terre" Installation for Earth Day, 1992, Castle Inn, Delaware Water Gap, PA. It was the first time I could use materials found on site. I excavated the elongated "prolate spheroid" from the loose earth on the site, and found the upright stakes on site, drilling holes and lacing the red paint saturated cotton cord through.

Intuitive Architecture, 1990

Installation View at Logan Square, 20th and Parkway, "Parabola" and "Strata" 1990 as part of BFA thesis exhibition. Moore College of Art and Design