Monday, February 14, 2011

1994 Transition to the Personal Narrative

"Ship's Fool" was a transitional piece, using found wood again as a sculptural element, but the figure "blooming" on the vertical injects a metaphoric relationship. Like "Vase de Terre", the figurative female reference resonates with me.
This low relief box was a way to work out the figure/structure relationship in miniature. This piece is "Intimate/Intimidate" 1994, Chiri paper, copper paint, acrylic polymer. 

"Crying Over Spilt Milk" 1994. Metal, wood, found wood, paint. This piece happened after a court order mandated that my daughter spend considerable time with her father and stepmother. It is the beginning of a chapter of a more literal personal narrative in my work.

"Embrace" 1994, Paper and paperboard.

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